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A Found Poem to Hermes in a Journal

In which I discover a piece for Hermes in an old writing notes journal and show y'all the text and scans.

On Religious Blogging in Polytheism

After a brief thank-you for Hermes and the Mousai, I discuss blogging, the importance of editing, and finding efficacy.

That One Time I Prayed to Durga in My Teens

This is why it is important to know what you're getting into when you start praying to a god, as I found out when I was sixteen.

For Hera

A poetic offering to Hera reposted from the Old KALLISTI. There is also some background information about Hera's epithets that influenced the thematic choices I made.

Gods, Sacred Texts, and Battlestar Galactica

Looking at Battlestar Galactica from a polytheistic perspective highlights its problematic aspects, but the show is still a good watch.

Thoughts After an Offering to the Mousai

In which I discuss some thoughts about the Mousai after doing routine religious offerings.

A Project Begins: I Have a Fiction Podcast

In which I shamelessly self-promote one of my projects.

Two Old KALLISTI Posts: (1) The Relationship Between the Eumenides and Purification; (2) A Plug for Worshipping the Erinyes

I took the day off of work so I could blog about the Erinyes and do some in-the-flesh purification and worship. These are two blog posts from the Old KALLISTI that are relevant to today's holiday.

Poetry for the Eumenides

Five poems for the Erinyes, one about Eumenideia 2013, another about their birth, a third about how awesome they are, one propitiating them, and a final poetic fragment.

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