Happy Eumenideia 699.1!

Tonight, the Eumenideia begins, a holiday for the Eumenides. While I wait for my rice cakes to steam for their offerings, I'm writing up a quick roundup of things about the Eumenideia, the Erinyes, and all things related. First, on Neokoroi, this is the Eumenideia ritual that I wrote what feels like an eternity ago. … Continue reading Happy Eumenideia 699.1!


Moving Preparations and Purification

My apartment is currently a mess of packing boxes. I found a new place and will be moving in mid-February. It's a busy time of the academic year, but I carved out a few days and will marathon-move so I'm all set to dive back into work when I'm done unpacking. One of the things … Continue reading Moving Preparations and Purification