On approaching polytheism as a system

Systems science is an interdisciplinary field that seeks to understand the world as a complex network of systems. As polytheists, we must often translate practices from ancient cultures to the present day, and this allows us the flexibility to maintain core traditions while engaging proactively with modernity. American cultural attitudes towards antiquity, polytheism, and mythology feed into negative attitudes towards (primarily Hellenic) ritual practices for purification and prayer. Addressing things like feminism and patriarchy head-on can help improve this situation, and that's what I'm going to do.


Copyright for Text-Based Works is Real

Comments have closed on a¬†Wild Hunt post about a file-sharing Wiccan group by Terence P. Ward, but as a librarian who works in academia, I have a few thoughts to offer. One of my strong professional interests is how to reconcile information-seeking behaviors and assumptions of new(ish) academic library users with the realities of how … Continue reading Copyright for Text-Based Works is Real