Review: Parker’s Greek Gods Abroad

This is a short book review, as I'm (a) still a bit under the weather; (b) in the throes of the fall semester; (c) writing a scholarly bibliometrics paper on some physicists, which is really fun and takes up a lot of time in Oct-Nov every year; and (d) in the middle of writing short … Continue reading Review: Parker’s Greek Gods Abroad


Review: Watts’ The Final Pagan Generation

The Final Pagan Generation (Edward J. Watts, 2015) covers the 310s – 390s CE. It looks at four elites of the Roman social world — Libanius, Themistius, Praetextatus, and Ausonius. Three were traditional religionists, and one was Christian. Watts follows this cohort's lives to answer the questions of how the radical social, political, and religious … Continue reading Review: Watts’ The Final Pagan Generation

Soft Skills Aren’t “Sexy”: Whom We Befriend and Make Our Allies Matters.

At sixteen and seventeen, I took 200- and 300-level college history courses in East Asian and Russian History. I chose those classes because my high school's treatment of world history was severely lacking. Our history teacher kept getting shipped out to Afghanistan for combat, so my sophomore year had been spent oscillating between him and … Continue reading Soft Skills Aren’t “Sexy”: Whom We Befriend and Make Our Allies Matters.


In asana, breath moves through my chest, a bellows igniting a bright fire to course through my body. The Yoga Sutras refined my understanding of this. Vikalpaḥ is the imagination of metaphor, sleek, and it is here where the fire inside of me blooms. Asana prepares the body through movement to turn inward and touch … Continue reading Enthrallment