Three Years of Twitter Verse

From 2009 to 2012, I spent many nights — often after the Kyklos Apollon ritual, which is why so many of them were written on Sundays — writing weird verse on Twitter. These are all of those tweets, as I am closing that old account.


Some Links to Twitter and a Hymn Paraphrase to Hermes

You might know that I'm on Twitter, but there are a few things that I have microblogged there recently that I would like to highlight. The first is the poem I wrote early in the current Presidential administration and that I repost on occasion: Spring is a time when buds bloom, leaves fan out like … Continue reading Some Links to Twitter and a Hymn Paraphrase to Hermes


In asana, breath moves through my chest, a bellows igniting a bright fire to course through my body. The Yoga Sutras refined my understanding of this. Vikalpaḥ is the imagination of metaphor, sleek, and it is here where the fire inside of me blooms. Asana prepares the body through movement to turn inward and touch … Continue reading Enthrallment