Happy Solstice! (… and updates)

This post will be short, but I have a piece in the Eternal Haunted Summer Winter Solstice issue and am doing the requisite "hmm, I have a poem out" self-promotion PSAs. I have also been posting dictionary entries for my conlang Tveshi on Twitter and making roundups of them on my Pangrammatikê blog. Vocabulary terms … Continue reading Happy Solstice! (… and updates)


Traditions at Winter’s Beginning

The solstice wreath, view from the front

I haven't updated in a while because I've been working on a variety of projects. Earlier this week, though, I cleaned and dusted my shrines, put some cedar essential oil on my aromatherapy diffuser, performed a purification ritual, and started anticipating the solstice. For the past few years, I haven't really done much beyond libations … Continue reading Traditions at Winter’s Beginning

Casual Devotion and Inexact Terminology

I was on Tumblr this morning and found an interesting thread about casual religionists. The original post seemed to be using casual as a synonym for atheistic or noncommittal polytheism in its first paragraph, but it's possible that I misunderstood the person writing it. The term I use for atheists engaging in religious practice is culturally … Continue reading Casual Devotion and Inexact Terminology

Some Links to Twitter and a Hymn Paraphrase to Hermes

You might know that I'm on Twitter, but there are a few things that I have microblogged there recently that I would like to highlight. The first is the poem I wrote early in the current Presidential administration and that I repost on occasion: Spring is a time when buds bloom, leaves fan out like … Continue reading Some Links to Twitter and a Hymn Paraphrase to Hermes

Polytheism: Where We Are and Where We Can Go

A few years ago, we had a successful (albeit small) Hellenic Polytheist meetup in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This was during the contact high phase after the Polytheist Leadership Conference, back in the year PSVL was involved in the West Coast spin-off event; Galina and Rhyd weren’t shouting at each other publicly; and across the Internet, … Continue reading Polytheism: Where We Are and Where We Can Go