Eumenideia Cakes (gluten-free)

This is an addendum to the prior post, but this is how the Eumenideia cakes look when fully cooked and dressed up. I adapted a rice-based steamed cake recipe (bai tang gau) from a blogger online, albeit with silicone baking cups in my steamer instead of a big cake bowl. Then, I added the usual … Continue reading Eumenideia Cakes (gluten-free)


Happy Eumenideia 699.1!

Tonight, the Eumenideia begins, a holiday for the Eumenides. While I wait for my rice cakes to steam for their offerings, I'm writing up a quick roundup of things about the Eumenideia, the Erinyes, and all things related. First, on Neokoroi, this is the Eumenideia ritual that I wrote what feels like an eternity ago. … Continue reading Happy Eumenideia 699.1!