Social Media and Mental Miasma

Snapchat was a #HellNo from the get-go to me. I haven't made a post about minimalism in a while, and this blog primarily treats it where it intersects with Hellenism. When I cut back on social media last year, I deleted my Instagram and Facebook. I made content rules for myself regarding what I could … Continue reading Social Media and Mental Miasma


Review: Watts’ The Final Pagan Generation

The Final Pagan Generation (Edward J. Watts, 2015) covers the 310s – 390s CE. It looks at four elites of the Roman social world — Libanius, Themistius, Praetextatus, and Ausonius. Three were traditional religionists, and one was Christian. Watts follows this cohort's lives to answer the questions of how the radical social, political, and religious … Continue reading Review: Watts’ The Final Pagan Generation