In asana, breath moves through my chest, a bellows igniting a bright fire to course through my body. The Yoga Sutras refined my understanding of this. Vikalpaḥ is the imagination of metaphor, sleek, and it is here where the fire inside of me blooms. Asana prepares the body through movement to turn inward and touch … Continue reading Enthrallment

Polytheism: Where We Are and Where We Can Go

A few years ago, we had a successful (albeit small) Hellenic Polytheist meetup in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This was during the contact high phase after the Polytheist Leadership Conference, back in the year PSVL was involved in the West Coast spin-off event; Galina and Rhyd weren’t shouting at each other publicly; and across the Internet, … Continue reading Polytheism: Where We Are and Where We Can Go